Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Wholesome snacks to fulfill your cravings for sugar

I attempt to concentrate to the quantity of refined sugar that I eat due to its impact on the pores and skin. However now and again (often round three pm on Wednesday afternoon …!) The urge for a candy deal with overwhelms me.

Not too long ago, as an alternative of reaching the cookie tin, I attempted to experiment with some barely more healthy and more healthy options that I believed I might share.


Dates are pure sweeteners. Having two bites and a handful of almonds actually satisfies my longing for sugar.

It additionally helps that they’ve the style of milk caramel puddings!

Dates are full of nutritional vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It’s subsequently a candy deal with fairly wholesome.

Attempt to take Mejool dates each time attainable – the flavour is unbeatable.

Contemporary berries

A handful of super-ripe strawberries at all times handle to hit the goal.

When you cut back the refined sugar in your food plan, you turn out to be extra conscious of the pure sweetness of the fruits and the strawberries turn out to be extremely candy!

Dried figs

Though dried figs don’t appear very appetizing, they style good.

They’re wealthy in potassium, fiber and wealthy in nutritional vitamins B-6 and Okay – significantly better for you than a chocolate digestif!


I don’t imply outdated honey & # 39; squeezy & # 39; right here – getting your fingers on the absolute best uncooked honey is necessary.

Uncooked honey is honey in its purest kind. It has not been filtered, heated or filtered, in contrast to most grocery store cabinets that line honey and have been heated or pasteurized to get rid of micro organism.

Nonetheless, it additionally destroys the helpful enzymes, pollen, vitamins and antioxidants that give honey many well being advantages.

A sq. of darkish chocolate

That is barely deceptive as a result of darkish chocolate accommodates sugar, however its quantity is minimal in comparison with your bar of milk chocolate!

The darker, the higher it’s – it’s best to go for no less than 70% chocolate to a minimal of cocoa.

Darkish chocolate is wealthy in highly effective and health-promoting antioxidants known as flavonoids, and the darker the chocolate, the upper the flavonoid ranges.

Do you employ wholesome options to fulfill your longing for sugar?