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Are omega-Three eggs nearly as good as fish?

Adele, a podcast listener on Vitamin Diva, writes: "My husband is allergic to fish and subsequently buys omega-Three eggs. Do you get the identical advantages from consuming omega-Three eggs as you eat fish? "

How do they make omega-Three eggs?

You've in all probability seen omega-Three enriched eggs on the grocery retailer. You could have puzzled how they launched omega-3s into their eggs? That is truly a somewhat low-tech methodology: they feed the flax seeds of the hen, wealthy in omega-Three fatty acids. Similar to you and I, hens that take in extra omega-Three find yourself with extra fatty acids of their tissues, which additionally applies to their eggs.

By way of protein, fish and eggs are top quality protein sources, though it’s best to eat about three to get the identical quantity of protein as in a Three ounce portion of salmon. By way of omega-Three fatty acids, there are two issues to remember. One is the quantity of omega-Three you eat.

Fattier sea fish (equivalent to salmon, mackerel and sardines) are typically richer in omega-3s, whereas softer fish and shellfish are decrease.

How a lot omega-Three are you able to get eggs?

The quantity of omega-Three contained in an enriched egg varies enormously between about 100 and 500 mg per egg. The most well-liked omega-Three egg model claims solely 125 mg of omega-Three per egg. Compared, a four ounce portion of salmon (or only a tablespoon of flaxseed) offers you six or seven occasions as a lot omega-Three as a serving of eggs. ;Omega Three. (I take into account two massive eggs as one serving.)

Not all fish are as wealthy in omega-Three as salmon. Basically, higher-fat oceanic fish (equivalent to salmon, mackerel and sardines) are typically richer in omega-3s, whereas softer fish and crustaceans are decrease. For instance, one serving of grouper, flounder or perch comprises as a lot omega-Three as some omega-Three eggs. Shrimp, tilapia and crab are even much less wealthy in omega-Three.

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What sort of omega-Three do you get in eggs?

The opposite factor to remember is the kind of omega-Three you get. Once we say "omega-Three", we're speaking abouto an entire household of associated fatty acids. The flax seed, chia seed, hemp and omega-Three eggs all comprise alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA. The omega-Three fatty acids we get from seafood are primarily long-chain omega-Three fatty acids, together with EPA and DHA.

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The longer chain fatty acids current in fish are far more biologically lively than ALA. Actually, to make use of ALA, our physique should first convert it to longer chain fatty acids. The issue is that this conversion course of isn’t very environment friendly. Because of this, consuming meals wealthy in ALA (equivalent to flax or omega-Three eggs) is not going to have the identical advantages as fish consumption.